Maximize Your ROI with CFS for Developers: Experience faster construction times, reduced costs, and improved durability compared to traditional wood or concrete structures by utilizing lightweight steel framing solutions
Greater ROI
Faster Turnaround
Affordable and
sustainable steel framing
At CDA, we understand the importance of cost-effective and high-performance building solutions for developers. That's why we offer CFS that is precisely fabricated in our warehouse in Costa Rica to meet your project's specifications.

Once our expert team completes the fabrication process, the CFS is transported to your construction site and can be quickly installed and erected. With our CFS solutions, each level of your structure can be framed out rapidly in just a day or two, compared to the traditional framing process which could take a week or more.

By using CFS, you can enjoy significant cost savings while also ensuring your structure is stronger, more durable, and more sustainable than wood or concrete alternatives.

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Let us help you build higher quality with less
Let us help you build higher quality with less