Partner with Casa de Acero to offer customers a superior option for building their dream homes. We specialize in designing, prefabricating, and installing CFS framing that perfectly balances speed, quality, and durability - all without exceeding your budget.

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General Constructors

Casa de Acero provides CFS framing solutions to ensure improved quality and customer satisfaction, leveraging advanced technology and prefabrication processes to ensure speed and predictability in project timelines.

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Why Steel Construction
Reduce Construction Time
Using steel construction can significantly reduce the construction timeline.
Steel is the best material for heavy loads due to its strength and lightweight.
Steel construction provides exceptional strength and endurance for long-lasting projects.
Steel has a low environmental impact and is endlessly recyclable.
Low Maintenance
Steel buildings require minimal maintenance, reducing costs and ensuring longevity.
Keep Termites
Steel is termite-resistant and protects buildings from insect damage.
Casa De Acero
When it comes to steel framing construction, CDA provides a full design and production service, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to replace conventional concrete structures in Central America. To help you achieve your specific goals, our team of professionals can tailor a CFS framing solution just for you. Our experience in design-build, engineering, and manufacturing makes every project we work on the highest quality and efficiency.
Is traditional framing holding you back?
Traditional framing can lead to misaligned doors and frames.
Plumbing and electricity pipes
Traditional framing can complicate plumbing and electrical installations, causing delays.
Wall panels
Traditional framing can cause uneven walls, compromising insulation and structure.
Let us help you build higher quality with less
Let us help you build higher quality with less